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About The Gambia

Africa's Smiling Coast

Located in the Western hub of Africa, The Gambia, surrounded on three sides by Senegal, is the smallest continental African country.

With a population just barely breaking the 2 million mark - and almost as many Gambians living elsewhere in the world – what The Gambia lacks in size, it makes up for in diverse culture and experiences.

Pulling influence from local tribal groups, various European empires, as well as from the British – from whom the country claimed independence in 1965 - The Gambia boasts a flavorful blend of food, music and fashion.

At the mouth of the long and fruitful River Gambia, is a stretch of beautiful, warm sunny Atlantic Ocean coastline. A 5-hour flight from most major European cities has allowed The Gambia to become a popular tropic travel destination – allowing tourism to becoming the main source of economic revenue, followed by the exportation of peanuts (groundnuts) to other countries in Africa and to Asia.

With its sandy beaches, friendly locals and rich culture, The Gambia, has rightly earned its nickname: The Smiling Coast of Africa.

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